Are you in need of catering for a small party at your house, or have an upcoming family dinner at home that you’re feeling too lazy to cook for? Our catering services in Singapore have you covered.

    At Ronnie Kitchen, we provide catering for smaller occasions with our mini buffet catering service in Singapore. Tailoring and customising for to the smaller amount of people that will be in attendance, our mini catering package is all you need for the perfect mini gathering. Just because there are fewer people at an event doesn’t mean there should be fewer options, so choose our mini buffet catering in Singapore to enjoy a wide selection of dishes that are sure to satisfy your guests!


    Ronnie Kitchen provides delicious Chinese food for all events, whatever the occasion may be. With our online form, it is easy and convenient to decide what dishes you want for your mini buffet. As the top catering company in Singapore, we have a wide selection of dishes that includes everything from pork, chicken and seafood dishes to a variety of curry, Thai and deep-fried options to choose from. All you have to do is select the courses you wish to have served, and we will cook them up for you! Our meals are prepared with the finest ingredients by highly experienced chefs, so you know that you’ll be receiving only the best quality meals with catering from Ronnie Kitchen.


    We are known as the top caterers of Chinese food in Singapore, providing catering for events that are big and small. Our mouth-watering dishes on our mini catering menu are bound to satiate your taste buds and make a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us for more information or to make an enquiry about our small party catering services in Singapore.
  • Family Package A -$18.99 ($20.31 w/GST) Per Pax for any 8 Courses + Complimentary Baby Abalone w/Fish Maw & Mushroom (min.10 pax)
    Family Package B -$16.99 ($18.17 w/GST) Per Pax for any 7 Courses + Complimentary Baby Abalone w/Fish Maw & Mushroom (min.15 pax)

    Please select ANY 8 Courses if Family Package A is selected or 7 Courses if Family Package B is selected from below! 如果选择了包装A, 請在以下任选八道菜 或者选择了包装B, 請在以下任选七道菜!

    *There will be an additional of $2 per pax ($2.14 w/GST) for all buffet & mini buffet from 21 DEC 2022 to 01 JAN 2023.

    *Transportation fee for mini buffet at $35 ($37.45 w/GST).

    Note: implies CHEF’S RECOMMENDATION! 主厨师特别介绍!


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  • We provide FREE disposable plates, forks, spoons, napkins, chilli sauces, trash bags.
  • Drinks are not provided
  • Warmer and tables are not provided. All food is served in disposable trays.
  • Any amendments must be made 4 days before the delivery date.
  • The delivery charge is $30.00 ($32.10 w/GST)
  • In the event of cancellation of the order, the following are the cancellation fees:
    1. Cancellation of order after confirmation: 30% of total value
    2. Cancellation of order one day before or on the delivery day: 70% of the total value
  • All food is best consumed within 2 hours.
  • This menus are not applicable during Chinese New Year festive periods or seasons.