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$6.80 ($7.28 w/GST) Per Pax for 7 Courses + 1 Fruit Punch (70 pax and above)

Please select ANY 7 courses below! 請在以下任选道菜!

BUFFET MENU $6.80 - 饭/面 Noodle/Rice
Fried Bee Hoon • 星州米粉
Fried Rice • 福建炒饭
Mee Goreng • 马来炒面
Fried H.K Noodle • 香港炒面
Fried Tang Hoon • 干炒冬粉
Fried Pineapple Rice • 黄梨炒饭
Fried Rice w/ salted fish • 咸鱼炒饭
Kailan w/ Mushroom • 双菇芥兰
Siow Peh w/ Mushroom • 双菇小白菜
Broccoli w/ Mushroom • 双菇兰花
Spinach w/Mushroom • 双菇波菜
Lohan Vegetable • 炒罗汉菜
Fried Cabbage w/Tanghoon • 包菜冬粉
Sambal Long Bean • 参巴菜豆
Fish • 鱼类
Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish • 酸甜鱼片
Lemon Sliced Fish • 柠檬鱼片
Sliced Fish w/ Dried Chilli • 宫保鱼片
Fish w/ Spring Onion & Ginger • 姜葱鱼片
Sambal Sliced Fish • 参巴鱼片
Fried Black Pepper Sliced Fish • 黑椒鱼片
Salad Sliced Fish • 沙律鱼片
Thai Style Sliced Fish • 泰式鱼片
Chicken • 鸡肉类
Lemon Chicken • 柠檬鸡
Chicken w/Dried Chilli • 宫保鸡
Chicken w/Cashew Nut • 腰果鸡
Sweet and Sour Chicken • 酸甜鸡
Fried Chicken Wing • 五香鸡翅
Stewed Chicken w/Yam • 芋头焖鸡
Deep Fried Crispy Chicken • 干炸鸡肉
Chicken w/Mushroom • 鸡炒香菇
Chicken w/Spring Onion & Ginger • 姜葱炒鸡
Prawn Sauce chicken • 虾酱鸡肉
Prawn • 虾类
Sweet & Sour Prawn • 酸甜虾
Prawn Fried w/Dried Chilli • 宫保虾
Prawn Fried Cashew Nut • 腰果虾
Assam Prawn • 亚参虾
Sambal Prawn • 参巴虾
Black Pepper Prawn • 黑椒虾
PORK • 猪肉类
Sweet & Sour Pork • 咕噜猪肉
Pork in Thai Style • 泰式猪肉
Pork w/ Spring Onion & Ginger • 姜葱猪肉
Honey Sauce Pork • 排骨王
Curry • 咖哩类
Curry Chicken • 咖哩鸡肉
Curry Vegetable • 咖哩什菜
Curry Sotong • 咖哩苏东
Curry Prawn • 咖哩虾
Deep Fried Special • 煎炸类
Deep Fried Fish Ball • 煎炸鱼丸
Deep Fried Spring Roll • 油炸春卷
Deep Fried Samosa • 炸咖哩角
Deep Fried Xiao Long Pau • 炸小笼包
Deep Fried Scallop • 酥炸干贝
Deep Fried Ngo Hiang • 油炸五香
Deep Fried Wanton • 油炸云吞
Sotong Yau Tiao w/ Salad Cream • 苏东油条
Bean Curd • 豆腐类
Bean Curd w/ Minced Meat • 肉碎豆腐
Muar Bean Curd • 麻波豆腐
Braised Bean Curd • 红烧豆腐
Desert/Soup • 甜品
Bo Bo Cha Cha • 摩摩喳喳
Hot Cheng Tng • 六味清汤
Almond Jelly Cocktail • 杏仁豆腐
Sea Coconut w/ Sago • 海底椰西米露
Green Bean Soup • 绿豆汤

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  • We provide FREE food warmer, disposable plate, fork, spoon, napkin, chili sauce, trash bag and table with skirting. All item are subjected to availability.
  • Any amendments must be made 4 days before the delivery date.
  • The delivery time is approximately 30 minute before or after the expected time and the delivery charge is $40.00 ($42.80 w/GST). A surcharge of $30 ($32.10 w/GST) and above is applicable for delivery to venues without lift landing or parking lots, a surcharge of $40 ($42.80 w/GST) is applicable for delivery to CBD areas and shopping areas.
  • All food is best consumed within 2 hour.
  • The buffet's setup at any landed property will be done at ground level. An extra charge is applicable if buffet’s setup is required on other levels of the landed property.
  • All menus are not applicable during Christmas and Chinese New Year festive periods or seasons.

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